President Network


Mirza is currently completing his MBA and Masters of Marketing at Melbourne Business School.  Prior to his studies, he was a banker with a leading Australian bank, after spending many years in Southeast Asia, working in an advisory role with a boutique management consulting firm.  His focus was on financial institutions with extensive experience in retail and private wealth banking.  He has also worked extensively with government and utilities, with a track record of delivering successful initiatives to a range of organisations and key individuals in the region.   Mirza’s career included a variety of roles in Financial services, Insurance, IT, Retail, F&B, Marketing and Digital Media. He has also studied Management from La Trobe University and Social Sciences (Psychology) from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Mirza is the current Chairman of the Presidents’ Network 2015-2016. Elected by his peers, he hopes to create knowledge network that will help current and future student leaders in developing their own leadership effectiveness.


After spending four years in brand strategy at Capital One, Abby Schwartz is excited to be back in school and proud to be a Hoya at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Abby graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2010 with a BA in Communication and began working at Capital One’s Richmond office. She spent her last year before school in the company’s Chicago office where she learned to appreciate temperatures above freezing.

Abby currently lives in Adams Morgan, is a graduate assistant with the Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Initiative, and is Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. She is also a member of the Graduate Marketing Association, Graduate Women in Business, Georgetown Wine Society, Beer Appreciation Society, and Georgetown Retail and Luxury Club. This summer, Abby will be a Brand Management Intern at Johnson & Johnson in New Jersey. As far as hobbies go, Abby enjoys playing volleyball, riding her bike and walking her toy poodle, Zeus.


Sam is Client Services Director at an digital-focused marketing services agency. His department is responsible for business development, analytics & customer insights. Prior to working in marketing, Sam’s career included roles in finance, consulting and education. Sam is due to receive his MBA from McGill University (Canada) in 2016 and holds a Bachelor of Science with honours from the University of Sheffield (UK). He joined the executive team in 2015 to help foster links with business schools in Asia. Sam is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.


During a career that has spanned 3 continents, a number of industries and varied organizations, I have consulted with clients, managed teams, managed accounts, vetted consultants and pursued efficient technology solutions to business needs . I love technology and I am passionate about efficient solutions. I have worked in multiple industry verticals within various technology stacks. This has developed my ability to learn new skills and transfer knowledge and ideas.
I am currently pursuing my MBA with the aim of becoming a technology strategist. I believe that technology can reduce costs and results in greater efficiency and profit yield. As a technology strategist I want to be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining strategies as they relate to a company’s technology structure.