Reconnection Project

Did you know that more than 2,500 student leaders have attended a Graduate Business Conference since the first conference in 1983? Can you imagine the power of such network? What do you think the class of 1985 or 1991 have archived so far? The fact is that we really do not know, and that is something we want to do something about.
This spring The GBF Alumni Team, with the help of more than 15 volunteers, have looked in our archive of delegate lists, and we have gathered all names electronically. The next step is to find the valid emails so we can invite all former delegates into our alumni group on LinkedIn To make this happen we will reach out to all the current student presidents. The idea is to give the presidents the lists so they can find their former peers from their respective school. Then the hunt for the emails starts.

We also have subgroups for each GBC – Here you can find the faces you know best from the conference(s) you attended:


Class Representative: Sudeep Garg (



Want to become the class representative for your year?
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To find an overview of all subgroups available take a look here: