The GBF Responsible Leadership Fund is open to full‑time graduate business students or student teams from schools participating in the annual Graduate Business Conference. While the actual founder of the program may graduate before grants are dispersed, at least one grant writer must be registered at respective schools for the semester(s) in which the grant will be released.  Grant requests from Schools with one-year programs will be considered on individual merit, and will require proof of student continuity (e.g., student(s) continue as alumni advisors, subject to confirmation by a school official).

We support new student-led initiatives that directly benefit the environment and/or nonprofit community-based organizations and agencies. We do not make grants to individuals or government agencies, capital building projects, lobby efforts, or for any religious purposes.

Applicant organizations must meet the following additional criteria:

  • The organization must be a Dean-endorsed student organization or a student-established nonprofit corporation with proof of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (in the USA);
  • The organization must have been in operation as of the proposal date, with performance metrics, either in pilot phase or in year-one implementation.
  • The organization must exhibit evidence of competent leadership and student volunteerism
  • The organization must have strong relationships with the school administration, and/or other organizations and constituencies in the community.