Vision & Mission

Since its foundation in 1983, the GBF has strived to inspire graduate leaders to do great things. This continues to be our pivotal focus.


To be a catalyst organization for positive change in management education, business and society and inspire graduate leaders to adopt a global citizen mindset and internalize a holistic view of leadership and growth beyond profit also including people, planet and peace.


To organize activities and events and provide services that inspire vision, create understanding and facilitate change and support development of responsible leadership and global citizenship within a global network of elected graduate student leaders.


  • Foster responsible leadership, global citizenship and innovation at the graduate business level;
  • Enhance the overall value and perception of graduate business education through the implementation of relevant, timely programs;
  • Promote information exchange among students and business leaders from the Top Business Schools and Companies around the world to create value for graduate education, business and society;
  • Recognize executives, educators and students who best exemplify the Forum’s ideals of responsible leadership and global citizenship;
  • Ensure Global Top Graduate Talent is connected and supported to reach their full potential during and after Graduate education.