The 2013 Annual Alumni Summit at Indian School of Business in Hyderabad, India

“Amazing conference where GBF manages to get together under one roof the leaders of the top global business schools. There is no better place to update your business skills and improve your networking.”
Israel Cortes, 2009 Alumnus

The 2012 Annual Alumni Summit at Simon School of Business in Rochester, New York, USA

“Excellent conference with plenty of opportunity to meet, share, and connect with young, passionate and experienced global leaders! Fun and energizing at the same time!”
John Slowakiewicz, RBC Insurance, 2004 Alumnus

“To see and feel the engagement among delegates, alumnis and organizers makes GBC an event without much comparison. It is inspirational, engaging, innovative and thoughtful – all with loads of fun and compassion.”
Jesper Bjoern, Copenhagen Business School, 2006/2007 Alumnus

The 2011 Annual Alumni Summit at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain

“The Alumni Summit at GBC2011 was great, it felt like going back to school, offered valuable insight into my business and a great weekend with friends!”
Francesco Bovoli, IdeaPlane, GBC 2009 Alumnus

“The GBC 2011 in Barcelona was an incredible experience to meet up again with all the charismatic and energetic people you spent many hours in workshops together in previous years.”
Gregor Hasler, PwC, GBC 2007 Alumnus

“For the first time for alumni the summit provided a unique chance of interacting with the GBF community and current delegates. Not only was the program of the summit quite
culturally diverse with many social events and networking opportunities, but it also perfectly matched particular interests and needs of alumni, for example in career coaching.”
Sergey Logunov, Rusfoodmanagement Ltd. (RFM), GBC 2010 Alumnus

“GBF is an excellent forum to find people with your same interests and share enriching experiences. I really enjoy the opportunity of reconnect with alumni and now talk not only about the MBA/school, but also about work and personal projects. It is helping on creating a great, strong and global network that can be present in our daily lives.”
Claudia Legoff, Lean Six Sigma Institute, 2009 Alumnus

“This was my 7th GBC and my experience only improved with adding alumni delegates. I am constantly impressed by the people who attend GBCs. Nowhere else do I find such a devotion and determination to change the world for the better among the participants – that is amazingly inspiring and helps my personnel development tremendously. I’m back in 2012!”
Peter Kiaer, PA Consulting, 2005 Alumnus and former CEO of Graduate Business Forum