Past Conferences




2019 ESCP Europe

United in Diversity

2018 Copenhagen Business School

The Nordic Way in a Global Context

2017 The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business 4 Good: The Ultimate Challenge!
2016 University of St. Gallen in Switzerland (HSG) Giving Back: The Responsibility of Future Leaders
2015 China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) The New Normal: China and the World
2013 Indian School of Business (ISB) Leadership for a new age
2012 University of Rochester (Simon) Size Matters
2011 ESADE Future Leaders
2010 University of Maryland (Smith) Post Crisis: Business Leadership in the New Global Economy
2009 National Chengchi University, Taipei Accessing the Market of Greater China
2008 UC Berkeley (Haas) The Global Leader and the Leader Within
2007 National University of Singapore The Silk Route
2006 Copenhagen Business School Discovering Potential
2005 Indiana University (Kelley) Creating Value through Leadership
2004 University of Michigan (Ross) Leading in Dynamic Times
2003 University of Virginia (Darden) Innovate!
2002 Emory University (Goizueta) Getting to the Future First
2001 Cornell University (Johnson) Leading on the Edge
2000 UCLA (Anderson) The Net Effect
1999 University of Texas (McCombs) Driving Technological Change
1998 Washington University (Olin) Business in the Community
1997 Vanderbilt University (Owen) Managing Quality: Quality Managing
1996 UC Berkeley (Haas) Entrepreneurship
1995 University of Western Ontario (Ivey) Global Competitiveness: What Does it Take?
1994 Case Western University (Weatherhead) The Changing Face of American Industry
1993 New York University (Stern) Corporate Social Responsibility
1992 Indiana University (Kelley) Business and the Environment
1991 University of Michigan (Ross) 1992 and the EEC
1990 University of Washington (Foster) Pacific Rim Countries
1989 University of Virginia (Darden) Business Ethics and Ideals
1988 Northwestern University (Kellogg) The Services Industry
1987 University of Texas (McCombs) Innovation for Entrepreneurial Succes
1986 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) The Increasingly International Nature of Business
1985 Duke University (Fuqua) MBA’s in the Information Age
1984 UCLA (Anderson) The Bottom Line of Leadership
1983 Columbia Business School The MBA – A Student Perspective