Business Leaders:

“I believe that one of the greatest assets we have is the energy and the enthusiasm of the MBA community. Jim (the founder) realized very early on the power of bringing student leaders together across schools and across global boundaries was a key to unlocking this power. Over the past 30 years the GBF has been a unique forum to allow this cross fertilization and a catalyst for numerous initiatives that without such a platform would have never been launched.” – Blair LaCorte, Operating Partner TPG

Deans, VicePresidents and Academic Members:

“Graduate Business Forum is a very natural platform for Copenhagen Business School. The reason for this is basically that CBS has the ambition to be among the best business schools in the world. In order to be there, we need to focus on strong leadership at all levels, student leadership included. CBS has a lot to thank its student leaders for and GBF can support the further development of our student leaders in a global context!” – Sven Junghagen, Vice President Internationals Affairs, Copenhagen Business School

“The GBF is another reflection of the global world that business leaders and business schools operate in. But more importantly, GBF plays an important role for student leaders from leading business schools to understand, share and experience the many challenges and opportunities that they and their Schools face. For the NUS Business School, which aims to be “Asia’s Global Business School”, the GBF is a valued and valuable partner.” – Kulwant Singh, Deputy Dean NUS

Graduate Business Student Leaders:

“One of the speakers, Jeff Hoffman, said it best, ‘This conference is why people go to business school.’ The GBC is invaluable, as there is no equivalent to it in the ‘real world’. Think of what could get accomplished if the top 40 CEOs in the Fortune 500 got together for a conference to not only discuss global issues but, in addition, share best practices on how to run their business most succesfully.” – Ishan Bhaumik, MIT – Sloan School of Management

“Rarely will someone have the chance to sit in a room with so many impressive people so early in their careers. The common experiences, the sharing of best practices, and the camaraderie built is invaluable. The experience in itself is once in a lifetime; the relationships built will last a lifetime.” – Steve Gohde, Emory University – Goizueta Business School

“The GBC was a terrific experience! I gained valuable insight into various strategies in operating a high quality MBA organization. This included everything from academics, career services, donations, administration, knowledge management, structure, charity and social events, etc. In addition, I developed a close network of other top leaders within elite MBA programs across the globe. I look forward to staying involved with the GBF throughout my career. The value proposition and potential of this organization is astounding.” – Matt Gillim, Michigan State University – Broad College of Business

“I was very impressed by the instant sense of community among the representatives. There were no airs of pretention and everyone was interested in sharing and helping each other. As a result, I think everyone took a tremendous amount of knowledge from the conference and in the very least we all know that we have “friends in the business” across the world.” – Robert Heffner, Case Western Reserve University – Weatherhead School of Management

“A highly useful set of best practices for running a student board at a business school, and a good network of contacts that will be useful both in serving as a leader on the student board and after in my professional career. The leadership speakers and workshops were also helpful in my continued leadership development activities.” – George Gordon, Dartmouth College – Tuck School of Business

“The Graduate Business Conference is an invaluable event that allows student leadership to learn with and from each other. The lasting connections made over the conference create an important support system that can be used over the school year to constantly add value and help create engaging learning experiences.” – Edward M. Jacobs, Washington University in St. Louis – Olin Business School

“I was exposed to solutions to problems that I hadn’t even recognized existed in our program. The caliber of people is beyond compare. Never before have I been around so many high performing, generous, humble, and talented leaders. It is overwhelming and you can’t help but come away with a desire to become a better person.” – David Bjerkek, University of Western Ontario – Ivey School of Business

“The GBC is not only a meeting place for young, talented leaders, but is also a place where daily student issues are put on the agenda, discussed and knowledge is exchanged in order to improve student life at the best business schools in the world.” – Andreas Moe Jørgensen – Copenhagen Business School