During the last 30 years, the following companies have made significant investments in resources, personnel and money to help the GBF develop student programs and encourage extraordinary advancements in leadership, innovation and good citizenship.

If your company values strong leadership skills, global awareness, the passion for workplace and community improvement, and paramount academic and business acumen, partnering with the GBF will give you access and exposure to a one-of-a-kind network of business school students who embody these characteristics. Our tiered package illustrates one type of sponsorship opportunity, but the GBF also supports non-traditional sponsorship offers, such as in-kind sponsorships, mentoring program opportunities, volunteer opportunities or additional creative sponsorship ideas.

With the help of our Corporate Partners, the GBF can fulfill its vision of non-profit internship opportunities, worldwide philanthropic initiatives, and scholarship assistance, so become a partner today and contribute to the growth and improvement of the world’s elite and only student network of business school leaders.

Current & Past Graduate Business Forum Sponsors┬áhave included…