GBC 1986

1986…Expanding Horizons…
Wharton hosted the 1986 Conference and challenged us to expand our geographic horizons. Charles Brown, Chairman of the Board of AT&T, provided keynote comments on “The Increasingly International Nature of Business”. Ensuing panels were extremely informative; discussions ranged from the globalization of cultures and products to the custom of signaling “no thank you” for coffee in Turkish business meetings. Co-Chairs Maura Hunter, Phil Li, and Jeanette Tang capped the day with a grand banquet in the Egyptian Hall of Penn’s beautiful Museum of Natural History.

“Heir Lan Gor”
Wharton left us with two new Conference traditions. First, we became international in scope with the invitation of six foreign schools. Second, we were christened by the Stockholm School of Business, with “Heir Lan Gor” (phonetic), which has become our traditional Conference (formerly Swedish National) toasting song. Lessons are now given each Conference evening “after hours”!

Attendees from this Conference